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I am Beau Daignault

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A web practitioner since the late 20th century, developing with the WordPress content management system since 3.0.

I have Strong project management skills, a fondness for prompt client communication, and, an intense focus on solving problems with design.

A Designer

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Based in Los Angeles, and Tucson, I build websites, e-publications and marketing campaigns for smaller businesses, and non-profits focused on health and well-being.

I am not currently taking on new projects. ;-)



"Bosquejario I"

Official Selection of the East Los Angeles Film Festival, 2016, Raleigh Studios, Charlie Chaplin Theatre, Hollywood.

After an eight year period of inactivity, artist Alfredo de Batuc resumes working.

I shot the initial video and stills on a consumer grade Canon ® VIXIA Camcorder, and a Sony DSLR. The storyboard phase was where the project really began to take shape.

Digital video, 7'30"

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e-reader, tablet and soft-cover editions of Meditation In Pursuit of the Real

"Meditation: In Pursuit of the Real"

Ebook design and production for Inner Life Directions Publishing

Multi-chapter, illustrated book in ePub, MOBI, and PDF formats.

Specially designed marketing campaign assets/images, conforming to client branding and social media specifications. Developed marketing automations, through MailChimp, interacting with website and social media pages.

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop; still photography.

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Web Design

Raux Hyde

E-commerce site for jewelry punk Sissy Hyde.
Unleashing the power of WooCommerce templates to show off and sell these unique products. Art direction, logo, photo and video editing.
Packaging design: Components include 5 x 7 tent card, press release, and stickers. Design conformed to established branding, for example, brushed metal and hot pink.

Inner Life Directions

An update to this long established online publication. Clean, WordPress child-theme customization. New branding all around, extending to YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook. Weekly video editing and illustration for ongoing publication. MailChimp campaign integration.
Video: Improved display and search of video content. Created entirely new video intro, conforming to new feel, and branding assets. Researched, sourced, and secured licensing for audio appropriate to new brand direction.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator, and Photoshop

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